Artist Statement for Beautiful World

As you may know, the state of Oregon is blessed with a dramatic coastline - roaring surf, wind, and frequent rain. I find it exhilarating to spend time there, witness to the drama of its sunsets, heavy fog, cloud formations, dunes, and wildlife. In 2017 while visiting Oregon, northern California was on fire as was the Columbia River Valley. The smell of smoke hovered over the seashore. Coastal fires were prevalent again in 2018.

Climate science tells us the sea level is rising, causing erosion, inundation, and risks to infrastructure and wildlife. The oceans acidity is increasing, as are wildfires, floods, insect outbreaks, and wide-spread tree die-off. Our seas are full of plastics. We are not only witnessing impactful changes, but the speed of these changes increases with each passing year.

Beautiful World is a monotype series inspired by the Northwest seashore. While making the prints, I was assailed by a longing to experience this landscape as I had as a child, to feel, once more, that pure thrill. The series reflects upon the inescapable realities of our environment – flux, change, collapse, rejuvenation - and our complicated human impact.

Most of the prints were hand-pulled with a pin press, a method that delivers less pressure than a traditional etching press, and allows for a graininess in the final images. For me, this provides a nostalgic quality, much like looking at old photographs.